Swallow Silhouettes Small Trinket Box - Pink

Swallow Silhouettes Small Trinket Box - Pink


This handmade trinket / jewellery / keepsake box features silhouettes inspired by the distinctive shapes of native New Zealand birds in flight.

This round box features a pattern of various unique Welcome Swallow silhouettes (drawn from my own photographs). It measures approx 6cm high by 7.5cm wide (diameter). It comes with a loose fitting lid that compliments the box.

Each piece is entirely hand built from white 100% NZ clay and hand painted with coloured slip or underglaze. The exteriors are unglazed for a lovely flat matte appearance, the insides are glazed with white food safe glaze.

  • Made from 100% New Zealand clay

  • Glazed internally with white food safe glaze

  • Unglazed on the outside, but sealed to protect from scratches

  • Measurements are approximate

Due to the handmade process measurements are approximate, and ceramics may not be perfectly round.

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