I Like Letterpress

Hello! It's a gloomy day in Wellington so i've used the opportunity to stay inside and spend time doing one of my most favourite things, printmaking! I thought I'd give a little insight into the process I use to make my letterpress prints.

ImageI have always had an interest in letterpress printing, but when I did a day course at Wai-Te-Ata press at Victoria University my interest became an obsesssion. This CHIRP print was the first letterpress print I created. I was hooked on the amazing detail you can achieve and the distressed, almost galactic effect of the worn woodtype letterforms.

ImageThe opportunity came up to purchase my very own press and although it was pricey, I decided life's too short to not have your own printing press! It's now my most prized possession.

ImageClose up of my 'Circle of Birds' print showing detail, these birds are tiny.

ImageThe reverse side of one my 'I Like Birds' prints, showing the embossing effect from when the paper is pressed into the printing plate.

ImageMy print drying rack chocka full of prints.

I have a pinterest board with letterpress inspiration if you're on pinterest check it out: http://pinterest.com/paperbirdsoc/letterpressy-things/

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