I just thought I'd share a little update with what I've been up to lately. After having a month off my day job I was really in the groove of creating illustrations and patterns every day, and although now I have less time on my hands I'm still determined to create every day (or night).

Calendar season is over which usually gives me time to reflect and plan what I'm going to be designing over the next year, I am really overdue to make some new greeting cards and notebooks. In the meantime I'm enjoying working on illustrations with no deadline or no final aim, usually it's these experimental illustrations that end up inspiring me to go in a certain direction illustration wise for the year, and for my next years worth of calendars.

I have been wanting to become more serious art wise, so I bought myself some Gouache paints. Gouache is really the only type of paint I like, it dried to a beautiful matte finish and it's just lovely to work with. I find paint quite daunting, as I really feel like painting is a fine art and I'm always reluctant to say that I'm a good painter, when in reality I've never really had formal training in painting. Gouache for me is more like illustrating with paint, so that's why i love it!

So here are some illustrations and patterns that I've created using Gouache. I am really hoping to explore the medium more, I haven't really used it since university, which was umm, a while ago now.


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