2018 Calendars! Part 2 of 3

Introducing the second of my 2018 calendars, a colourful smaller calendar specifically designed so that I can offer a cheaper shipping option for both my local and overseas customers. They also make great Christmas presents because they're unique and practical (with room for writing). This colour design focuses on 12 of the rarest bird species of NZ, particularly chosen to include some popular birds as well as some lesser known birds that more people should know about! These A4 calendars are beautifully printed with matte inks on 100% recycled paper with tear off pages, and are hand bound with a unique binding method that I devised myself using only paper and cotton twine. I can't stand the thought of anything I create having a negative effect on the environment and I worry about all the wire hangers that most calendars are bound with piling up in the landfills. So here's my alternative. Just paper, twine and a whole lot of time!