Hello neglected blog!

Just a little update on something fun I decided to do on a whim... While scrolling Instagram a few days ago an ad popped up for a wrapping paper company called 'Wrappily'. They were hosting a design contest in honour of Earth Day and were looking for submissions of nature themed designs. Wrappily make eco-friendly double sided wrapping paper with designs by different artists around the globe. I thought it was worth spending a couple of hours putting together a design to submit for the competition so here it is!

The theme was 'through the eyes of a child' which I initially panicked about but came up with the idea of a pattern of collected mementos and memories. I submitted the design in 2 colourways (thinking they'd choose one) but they're both on the competition website. The winners are the top three designs that get the most votes and they each get printed as wrapping paper, so if you're reading this and would like to support my work I'd love it if you would take the time to vote for me.  I never win these design competitions so I don't get my hopes up but it would be seriously cool to win! Here are my designs and here is the link to vote:


The design is called 'Tiny Collection' and each image is only on the sheet once, I deliberately didn't want a repeat image, I wanted something that would look cool when wrapping a few small gifts, so that would each little package would have different images on them.

wrappily preview size 1.jpg
wrappily preview size 3.jpg