Calendar sneak peeks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I'm super excited to be printing my 2015 calendars very soon, this year I'm doing three different designs, a Robin one like last year, a flying birds calendar (a slight adaption of last years pattern one) and a new addition, a whole calendar of native New Zealand birds.

calendar sneak peek

The designs are coming along nicely, and I'm just finalising the layout at the moment then it's onto proofs for checking - I need to double check I've got the dates in the right place, a very important step in the process!

patterns montage 2

I'm still going strong with my 100 day project, its already 1/4 of the way through and I've been having fun playing around with shapes and colours so far. I really want to create a new range of prints by the end of the year, so I might start now to focus my efforts on creating some birds that I can make archival prints of.

One drawing that I'm really quite proud of is this Morepork drawing, it took me a few attempts at drawing him but I finally have one that I'm happy with. As well as being busy with my calendars I'm making a new series of greeting cards with my new native bird drawings, the only problem is picking which ones to use, I have 12 and want to narrow them down to 8 for the greeting card series. I have some decisions to make....