It's all coming together

I'm pretty excited to announce that my calendars will be listed online very shortly. I think I'm a little bit crazy attempting to do so many different designs, considering I print and bind them all myself, but I wanted to offer people options this year and I had my heart set on doing a native bird calendar so I couldn't possibly do any less.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I've printed the calendars and I've made a couple of mock-ups to see how they look before assembling them all together. For my practical calendar I am going to be sewing everyone down the centre with thread, avoiding the use of staples or wire binding that would just end up in landfills. The size of the calendars also means they can easily be gifted and posted in the mail for Christmas presents!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These calendars are 'practical' and have lots of space to write special dates, events or anything you need to remember! After reading comments on some popular blogs last year there seemed to be a lack of good looking practical calendars, so I'm hoping to fill that gap and offer a range of eco-friendly and stylish calendars that people can enjoy looking at and also be able to scribble all over them!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I haven't neglected my wooden calendars though, I have begun hand-cutting up the wood for the hangers, it's a process I surprisingly really enjoy, I love working outside and on a fine, still day it's quite pleasant and relaxing. Last year I had a lot of trouble sourcing Pine for the hangers - suppliers kept selling out - so this year I've pre-bought a bunch of beautiful native Rimu wood, it's a lovely reddish tone, and will look lovely on any colour wall. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I'm still also doing the 100 days project, continuing on with my patterns although getting busier with my calendars means that I need to set aside time to design the patterns every day, I'm still enjoying it and am especially determined to see through the 100 days. Here are 4 of my latest designs, I'm trying to experiment with colour and using different birds each day, although I'm bound to double up. Hopefully my next blog post will be announcing that my calendars are ready for sale, it's been my focus for the past few months so it'll be such a relief to get them all listed and fingers crossed they'll get a bit of attention.4 patterns