It’s almost midwinter in New Zealand and it’s my favourite time of the year. I don’t know why but I feel really motivated this time of year, maybe it’s because this is the time that I really start to knuckle down on my calendar designs.

Usually my calendars follow the theme of whatever style and subjects that I am focused on currently and my 2017 versions will be following my usual monochrome style and of course feature lots of birds. I am planning something special for these calendars, I have been researching paper types and trying to source the most eco-friendly papers possible while also making a statement. I hope everyone likes this years theme and style, here's a sneak peek:

I have been painting with Gouache almost exclusively lately (still obsessed) I just love the flowy style, opaqueness, and chalky matte finish. ( I really dislike anything shiny, especially in art). My focus lately has been (mainly) black and white birds for my calendars.

drawings and sunlight.JPG

I spend most of this past weekend at home illustrating, this weekend was particularly eventful bird-wise, the usual Tui were around, lots of Kaka, a bunch of Waxeyes, a Kingfisher, Grey Warbler and a couple of Fantail. Why would I ever want to leave?!