Sneak Peeks

I wanted to share a little sneak peek at the test prints I did today. I keep pushing the release date back but this past month has been a bit weird, so I’ve decided to set myself next weekend as a deadline as I think August 1st would be a good time to start walking the talk and getting all the stuff I’ve been working on out into the (online) world.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to make a go at selling my own prints, at markets and online. I chose to invest in a printer instead of relying on a print shop to produce my prints. I love the freedom of having my own printer and choosing my own paper - the local print shops only offer certain types of paper and none of them are particularly eco-friendly. Also it means I can print one print at a time and don’t have to worry about if they don’t sell!

I love my printer, it produces amazing quality prints, they are super matte looking, which I love. They look as good as the original and often better because I can tweak colour in Photoshop.

Anyway this was meant to be a sneak peak so here are said peeks…